You are the creator of your own universe - express yourself

Beatrice Kessi is a choreographer of most of her own artistic productions or in collaboration with other artists. She tells stories about human dreams, their fates and the path to the awakening self. Her creative craft arises out of a Buddhist study called Bodhichitta; the awakening of spirit, emotions and thoughts.


The creative path is the healing path

Life is full of magical signs. If we listen open and carefully to those signs, we will only be focusing on life´s possibilities and opportunities. There is not such a thing as right or wrong. As soon as we engage in a creative process of undertaking conscious steps, we enter a life journey towards the best hopeful outcome.


As a creator it is all about going consciously through life and perceiving signs with open senses and an open state of mind.


“I believe that we are spiritual beings, having a human experience. Through the craft of Art we have the power to express ourselves and by that heal & reveal each other’s hearts. Let´s meet on a spiritual level, open up our senses and share our life experiences, energies and professional know-how in order to improve life´s quality.” (B. Kessi)