“It´s impossible to describe dance fully with words. If I could so, then I wouldn´t be dancing. Each time it´s a unique physical and mental experience.” (B. Kessi)

Photos / Video

“The body and the mind are a very complex system. The body language is the most vital and pure language beside the music. Dancing is connecting our mind with the body and by that our divine energy is awakening from deep inside. Pure emotions are arising. As a dancer we get to experience profound moments in the HERE & NOW, where everything seems to be possible through our imagination. ” (B. Kessi)

Movement Language

Beatrice Kessi moves within a Classical and a Contemporary Dance language inspired by Forsythe´s analytical movement Principals and Mauro Astolfi´s movement laboratory. She develops her personal movement language during an apprentice within the Spellbound Contemporary Ballet Dance Company in Rome. She uses the classical ballet principals as a base to move from with the main difference of letting go of the movement`s aesthetical requirements, but still, with focus on precision of the physical articulation, dynamic, timing, energy and virtuosity in space. Her dance movements originate out of an internal flow of energies and emotions that appear towards the outside to an authentic, dynamical movement language with clear spatial definitions.


“Dancing is purifying for mind and body. In each moment of dance lies a precious seed of a mental growing process; if one masters to let go of outer judges, opinions or his own needs, he will be guided through life by his pure inside force. The classical dance technique is simply a tool to be able to express certain emotions. The art of dance is to interpret each movement with our individual images and thoughts. As a dancer we communicate through our body, each single body part is involved and part of our story. Our unique mind and thoughts need to dare to think beyond the classical technique and by that give each movement a specific meaning. I don´t like to be a slave of my own steps by executing technically perfect steps; I like to fill steps with personal images, intentions and emotions. What is hidden deep in our heart is our pure motivation to move from. Let´s free up our imagination and be moved by the voice of our heart.” (B. Kessi)


DIE CSÁRDÁSFÜRSTIN – Tim Plegge & Tobias Kratzer – Stadttheater Klagenfurt
EMOX Balletto Contemporaneo – Beatrice Paoleschi – Florence
LE SACRE DU PRINTEMPS – Konstantin Tsakalidis – Konstanz
AIDA Opera – Ron Howell – Bregenzer Festspiele
SWISS TOUR Cinevox Junior Company – Franz Brodmann, Antonio Gomes, Jacqueline Beck – Switzerland
IN DE TUIN VAN EVA – Hildegard Draaijer & Marjan Barlage – Heerenveen & Cadance Festival, The Netherlands
LET’S NOT AND SAY WE DID – Edan Gorlicki – Rotterdam
REQUIEM FOR A METAMORPHOSIS – Jan Fabre – Troubleyn Theatre – Antwerpen