Dancing between Heaven & Earth

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Photos / Video
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The aerial silk – a 2-way stretch polyester lycra or Tricot Nylon fabric – a sensual aerial dance with climbs, wraps, dynamical drops, locks, swings and spiral moves into and out of various positions – a floating state of being and a constant game with gravity.

The aerial hoop – a circular stainless steel bar – over which the body bends in extreme contortion poses and spins pirouettes till infinity. The symbol of the circle represents completeness, beauty and harmony – enchanting for mind, heart and soul.

With a great sense for rhythm, musicality and in combination with her dance experiences, she drives to create poetry in the air. A constant reflection about love, life & death takes the audience on a dynamical aerial dance adventure – once it´s epic, once it´s pop, once it´s rock… Beatrice always seeks for new ways to express herself in the Air.

“Herausragend: die Luftakrobatik von Beatrice Kessi. Erst an zwei Tüchern und dann mit einem Reifen erschafft sie poetische Dichte per Körperbeherrschung. ” (5.Dez.2014, Stuttgarter Zeitung)

“Eine Klasse für sich ist die Schweizerin Beatrice Kessi, die in luftiger Höh´ an den langen Seidentüchern oder am Luftring über den Köpfen des Publikums grazil durch die Luft gleitet.” (6./7.Dez.2014, Esslinger Zeitung am Wochenende)

By prior consultation the music, choreography and duration of an act can be adjusted to the theme of the event.


Varietés, Events & Cruise Ships

Celebrity Cruises Reflection – CCL Miami
Cirque IMAGINE – Lyon
Circus ATMOSPHERE – Athen
MS Artania – Phoenix Reisen Bonn
ET CETERA Varieté – Bochum
FRIEDRICHSBAU Varieté – Stuttgart
STARCLUB Varieté – Kassel
LA VIE EN ROSE – Revuetheater – Berlin
12. EWV Gala – Alsdorf
Schlagerboom 2016 – Dortmund
SKODA Einweihungsfeier – Berlin
GOYA – Berlin
Electrolux AG Firmenmesse – Zürich
REHA CARE – Messe im Auftrag der BGW- Düsseldorf
OTEL Varieté – Florence


ENO English national Opera – Benvenuto Cellini – Director Terry Gilliam & Leah Hausmann – London

In collaboration with

VoLA StageArt – Anett Simmen (producer & direction)

ThreeSixty Shows – Ronny Horning (Rigging & Stunts )

Euroviva Entertainment – Erhard Fisoler (producer)

Natalia Macauley Gavrilova (acrobat, aerialist & dancer)

Michele Ormas (visual artist)

Herzog (musician)

Oliver Dähmcke (music producer)

Guido Scharmer Choi (musician & music producer)